Red States

Hey All. Over the course of the next few days, I will attempt to predict the states which will go to each party in this election, and add up the electoral math (I’m using votes for this, at the end of each summary). Obviously many of these states are too close for even a risk taker to call, so for those I’ll simply analyze the issues that are impacting that state and make an educated guess. For the Republicans, though, as with the Democrats, we’ll start easy:

Arizona: If McCain looses Arizona, the Republicans loose. It’s his home state, and national politicians DO NOT loose their home state. Not EVEN if their facing Reagen.(10 votes McCain).

Alaska: Of all the great things Governor Palin has done for this ticket, reduced the mean age by most of half, for example, locking up Alaska WAS NOT one of them. It’s a red state anyway, plain and simple, and it only hase (3 votes).

Texas: Texas has been a red state for the past six elections. There’s nothing about McCain that should loose the Texan’s vote, and they are HIGHLY unlikely to vote for the guy whose trying to paint himself as a savior. That Messiah ad put a combination lock on what was already deadbolted, Texas and it’s HUGE (34 votes)

Missouri: It’s considered a battleground state, but honestly, it’s a mostly red state which has McCain at most of a nine point lead. The only thing that Obama has going for him is that he’s from Illinois. Though it worked for Adlai Stevenson (who I want to mention did NOT win Illinois), we have to face facts, there are some rednecks in my home state, and it WON’T work for Obama. (11 votes)

Oklahoma: As with Texas, and the four other states directly North of it, this Sooner state has gone red every single election of the past four. (7 votes)The other four that fall into this catergory are:

Kansas (6 votes)

Nebraska (5 votes)

North and South Dakota (3 votes each)

Idaho: Make the jokes now, I’ll wait… Now aren’t you embarassed with yourself? This one’s gone red in the last four, two, but it only gives McCain (4 votes)

Wyoming and Montana: Simple enough, they’ve gone red four times, as so many of these, and warrant the McCain campaign (3 votes) each

Utah: Perhaps the whitest of states, unlikely to EVER vote democrat, much less for Barack Obama (5 votes)

Alabama and Mississippi: These two, much like Utah, don’t vote Blue, and won’t vote Obama, a total of (15 votes)

North, South Carolina: The Carolina’s always go red… this won’t change (23 votes)

Finally (for now) Virginia: another four time blood, this one’s gonna give McCain (13 votes).

At this point (although obviously this is not a final count. I don’t know that McCain will win, but he’ll certainly have more votes than this) the Senator and Governor from Arizona and Alaska respectively have earned 153 votes.


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