Excuse me sir, you’ve forgotten to Cross Your T’s!

According to almost every major news outlet, it appears that Illinois’s junior U.S. Senator has a dominating lead over Arizona’s senior senator, John McCain, in the 2008 presedential election. Ever since the huge spike in numbers after McCain’s announcement of Sarah Palin as his running-mate and the following spike after the Republican National Convention, McCain’s numbers have seemingly dropped into oblivion, at least in comparison to Obama’s. The clear cause of this is the econnomic crisis that this nation faces heading towards election day. So Obama will run away with this election, right, now that he has a major polling lead a month before the election…

Wait a second, you’ve got some T’s to cross.

More specifically, I mean the three T’s: Turnout, Truthfulness, and trust. Yes, Barack Obama has certainly registered a vast number of new voters in an attempt to capitalize on his advantage in the youth vote. But, Joe Biden’s mother would say, “God Love it, but it don’t mean” well, the next word would probably not be Mrs. Biden’s choice of vocabulary, but you get the picture. Voter Registration don’t mean nothin’; turnout means EVERYTHING… and you know who turns out? Republican’s and die hards…

T numbeer two is Truthfulness. This one is not one I’d honestly prefer to think is still a problem, but it is an issue which may very well win John McCain the election. Chris Rock called it himself “Colin Powell can’t win!” Granted, he cracked that joke a decade ago, but it still rings true to a certain extent. Many people over the age of fifty will be Barack Obama supporters right up until about November 2nd, when they realize that their candidate is still black… It’s a terrible thing to say, and I wish it wasn’t true, but we can only be sure that a Black candidate can win older votes when their all cast on the 4th of November…

#3: Trust: This one’s pretty simple… go with the devil you know instead of the devil you don’t. It goes hand in hand with #2, in a way. Many people will realize in the next month that this messiah candidate they support is an untested, black, under fifty year old jr. Senator who they don’t know a whole damn lot about. When they figure this out, they might just decide to vote for the man who was America’s hero when Senator Obama was still wearin’ Pampers…


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