Oh, so you WERE pronouncing that right…

Let me preface this with two HUGELY important factoids…

1.) There is no one, NO ONE, in this country whose sacrifice and knowledge I respect more (save perhaps John McCain) than Colin Powell… NO ONE

2.) I’m writing this to rebuke Gen. Powell for his political endorsement of Barack Obama. You’ll notice that happened Sunday, I’m writing this Friday night (Well, technically Saturday morning)… I’m not simply lazy, I really wanted to believe that the things I’m about to say did not have to be said about one of my political heroes, but even Benedict Arnold was popular once…

Hero goes… Colin Powell, what you did Sunday morning was shameless and unforgivable. I have always believed that above ALL the minority politicians (Democrat OR Republican) you were the single least succeptable to the “race card.” I believed it until Sunday morning, that is.

On Sunday morning, you, General, came out and endorsed Barack Obama. You, a four star general, whose first and second military promotions came before the birth of said candidate, endorsed for the highest office in the country, a junior, TWO YEAR senator from Illinois.

And you tell us this wasn’t about race. You, close personal friend and advisor to John McCain, are telling us that this endorsement had nothing to do with race. I’m offended sir, that you think your American people are that naive. The greatest military mind in our country, possibly in our world, and you try to convince us that in time of war you endorsed a man with two years national experience and NO military experience with a man who has been a senator for twenty-two years and graduated the naval academy 28 years prior to that…

Oh and wasn’t there something about a P.O.W. or something… I don’t remember exactly. Gee, I guess it wasn’t very important…

So, as to avoid being long-winded, I am hurt, General Powell. I respect the service you’ve given this country, but sir, it will be a hell of a long time before I respect you again.


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