Well I Guess This is Growing Up

It’s November third. It’s a year ending in eight. Today is the first Monday in November. None of you live in a cave. All of this indicates perhaps that tomorrow may be a presidential election.

As we approach this presidential election, there is some question as to the credibility of the polling numbers. Some have Senator Obama up by massive margins, some by much smaller. Most to all have him winning nationwide, however, and so here we are.

I will try to write several blogs in the next two days. The first, this one, will adress my beliefs in the situation that Barack Obama will be elected the next president of the United States.

Throughout my political life, I have been in a country headed by a president of my own party. Yes, clearly, Bill Clinton was president while I was alive, as was, for a short while, George H. W. Bush. But I didn’t care about politics then. Now I do. And since I do, this is the first time I am legitimately scared that my party will lose the presidency for the first time in my “life,” hence the title.

I have mentally prepared myself for a Barack Obama election. I have mentally prepared myself for a landslide. While I don’t think the latter will happen, I am entirely prepared for it, so that I will not be dissappointed. In the case that he wins, I will be prepared.

And I’ll be supportive.

Yes, a democrat. I will support him.

This is a problem with American politics. We have these deep seeded divisions between a two-party system, and they clearly have become hatred in many cases. This is rediculous. No one… NO ONE, should want a president to fail. It’s un-patriotic, un-American, and if I may say so, inhuman. You should, everyone should, support the president, even if you disagree. I’m not trying to say you have to agree with everything the president does, or even support everything he does, but you should hope that everything he does works for the best of America.

I heard someone say today that he believes if Obama wins, the economy will not right itself and we can have a republican president in 2012. I strongly disagree. I hope, I pray everyday that if Barack Obama is elected, he will be the best president of all time. And so should everyone else (except perhaps Hillary Clinton). I just don’t personally think that Barack Obama is the best man to do it.


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