In case you’re keeping track at home

Hey. It’s over. Senator Barack Obama is now President Elect Obama and the dust is settling. Jay Nixon, democrat, is not suprisingly Missouri’s governor elect, and the only statewide office which will be held by a republican after innaguration day will be Lieutenant governor. So what’s new…

This stuff…

The democrats did NOT get 60 seats in the senate… their machine is NOT bulletproof.

Ted Stevens won… um, let’s ignore “how” for now and remind ourselves of this. Sarah Palin will soon be a senator.

And hey, Joe Biden and Barack Obama won’t…

Obama’s election leaves the door open for Illinois’ massively unpopular governor to promote himself to a national level. In a way, I hope he has better taste. In EVERY OTHER way, I hope he doesn’t…

My congressman, Todd Akin, won without discomfort. No surprise. Neither is it a surprise that my state senate seat and state rep seat are still held by republicans…

So where are we now. Libby Dole is out. That’s a discomfort to BOB DOLE… a discomfort also is seen in Dole’s friend (they won the world food prize together this year) George McGovern. He’s probably not happy about Obama, even though he SAYS he’s not a racist.

Alright, this is the first of two (probably) times I will mention this, because after this it should not be a subject. It is a beautiful thing that we finally have a president of a minority race. I don’t like his politics, but the symbolism in that single event is huge. Congratulations to him.

In closing, pray for Jim Lembke. Running for a state senate seat, Lembke STILL hasn’t been declared the winner, even while winning by 92 votes with 100% reporting. Also, please, seriously, pray for Dick Durbin. Though I do not agree with his politics, no one has been more miserable in reelection, as he lost his forty year old daughter over the weekend. God be with him.


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