That’s Great, it starts with an Earthquake?

{Slowly, dramatically, the fog and smoke clears. Our hero, exhausted, battered, and covered in blood (more the blood of others than his own) walks towards the fourth wall. Stopping, he gazes once more behind him, examining the strewn, devistated bodies of friend and foe alike. Closing his eyes, the hero turns, exhales, and marches towards his future}

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for many days, and as we are now T+ 6 days from the election, I have failed. Enough about intentions, though. Go back and reread the “Director notes” which opened this blog. This is exactly what U.S. president-elect Obama looked like on Wednesday, right? The world has barely survived the election “battle,” and Obama now rises gloriously to lead the few survivors, right?

Stop. Leave your computer, go outside, look around, and return.

I mean it…

I’ll wait…

Now that you’re back, tell me, has anything really changed? Does the world look any different, really? Are there fires burning in your neighborhood that have been their since the 4th, or, perhaps, are their donkeys being burned in ephigy on anyone’s front lawn. I didn’t think so.

Sure, there are a few more leaves on the ground. Sure, it’s a hell of a lot colder than it was a week ago. But when you look at it from a wide lens, nothing has changed. Yes, a new president will take over in just more than two months. Yes, the party in power not only in the District but all over this nation will switch. But when all the “Dust” has settled, when all the offices are filled, and when the government gets back to work, this will still be the greatest country on earth. You’ll still have the right to voice your opinion. Hell, you’ll still have the right to write annoying blogs like this one! so maybe, before we lock ourselves in a closet for the next four years, think about the following three things:

1.) It’s cold right now, but it’ll get colder. Get some fresh air before the sound of a door opening turns your nose red.

2.) The leaves are still falling, so go find some and spend some time catching one, damn it.

3.) If you’re still hellbent on locking that closet door, set the alarm for two years, not four. After all, there’s ALWAYS midterms!


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