Ain’t it hard when you discover that he really wasn’t where it’s at?

So I’ve been trying to keep pretty positive about the whole “President elect Obama” thing, and so far, I’ve been successful. Well, the Time’s, they Are a Changin’. (yes, there’s a Bob Dylan theme).

Barack Obama, the greatest politician of all time, has truly impressed me. He’s hired the best political advisors in the world, showed masterful use of new technologies in order to get out the vote, and looked like a savior the whole election through. I’m impressed, truly impressed, that this diety, that this God among mere mortals, managed to take an election that almost any democrat could have won easily, and make it so very damn close. So Barack, how’s the stigmata healing?

Sure, I realize that the electoral gap was enormous, but look at that popular vote. The gaps not that big. Why’s that, you ask? Because, well, people realized who the better candidate was, and they couldn’t vote for him because he was in the wrong party, he was running against the messiah, he was blah, and yadda, and any excuse you could possibly think of to not vote for the right guy.

Why’d Barack Obama win? He talked pretty. Real pretty. His main primary opponent was a woman horribly destroyed by the sexism her party, and her liberal media, thinks is so wrong. It’s impressive how that goes out the window when the dream candidate runs, aye?

So now, here we are, and we’ve got Barack Obama, the messiah, the savior, as our president-elect. Congrats, get your feet ready for a good cleanin’. Take some deep breaths for your new baptism. You’ll want a new life after the president-elect takes from you everything, he could steal. So…

How does it feel?


One Response to “Ain’t it hard when you discover that he really wasn’t where it’s at?”

  1. Wow. And you thought *mine* was mean?

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