Now in the morning I sleep alone, sweep the streets I used to own…

The word insanity is one rarely tossed around loosely anymore. In recent memory, this tag was thrown about more often than a third-string NFL quarterback with a pop-gun arm. (For more on this, see Ken Kesey’s classic novel on the subject… see, even independent bloggers can have product placement.) Still, there are certain people who deserve this word even in today’s incessantly politically correct world. I’m not talking about the young man who I walk past at school every other day who mutters incoherent greetings to passersby, nor am I even talking about the high-school graduate who occasionally enters my place of business hand-led by his mother, able to express nothing but pure joy. No, these people have serious  mental defects, and I pray for people in their place. Now, I am talking about the truly insane, the truly mad. I am talking about those perfect able to function, and still unwilling to do so. I am talking, of course, in this case, about Rod Blagojevich. He is truly a madman. I feel no sympathy for this man who still refuses any guilt in his corruption charges. He was corrupt, and deserves every day of jail he earns. Lets be honest, he is an evil man, and St. Peter will NOT call his name.


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  1. Kick-ass blogpost, good looking blog, added it to my favorites.

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