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Why We Shouldn’t Care

Posted in Uncategorized on May 19, 2009 by republicanrambler

Lately we have all heard a certain amount of controversy surrounding Notre Dame University’s choice of commencement speaker…

And by a certain amount of, I mean a hell of a lot…

The opinion is (and in some ways understandably so) that a distinctly catholic university such as Notre Dame should not choose as their commencement speaker one of the most liberal, and more importantly most Pro-choice, politicians in the nation. The opinion is that the priests who are in control of ND should not decide to give the privilege of this speech to a man with such vile opinions on the subject of abortion. The opinion is that President Obama was not the right person to speak at the Notre Dame Graduation.

Here is why that opinion is wrong, in my personal analysis.

As someone who graduated Friday (from high school, not Notre Dame) I consider myself somewhat of an expert on recent commencements. Mine, for example, was a speech looking back at the four years we had spent in high school and what we should do with our future. This is what all commencement speeches should be about.

There’s no reason for someone to go on stage at someones commencement and begin talking about their political views. It doesn’t make sense. So I do not see why a person’s political views should even matter to making them an appropriate commencement speaker, and the certainly should not be a deterrent.

Secondly, I want to announce something that many critics of this may not have heard. Barack H. Obama… is… the President… of… the United States! If he is not qualified to give a commencement speech at a university, then I do not know who is. I realize no one questioned his credentials, but let me put you in a similar situation.

I assume that by your reading this, you are probably assured to be a conservative. Now, imagine if you will (for some of my peers this will not be hard) that you are approaching or have recently had your graduation. Would you not want the opportunity to have President Obama speak at your graduation. I don’t care what his political views are. I know I certainly would want nothing more. So shouldn’t we be thinking more about the wills, needs, wants, desires, and cares of the STUDENTS at Notre Dame before we think about the ethics of the people running it. Just because these people chose to attend one of the nations most prestigious universities, one that happens to be very catholic, does not mean that they chose to let that catholic influence guide every decision that was made in their regard. It should be their opinions, not the conservative base (of which, I will now remind you (so as not to come off too liberal) I am a strong member) which decides who the commencement speaker is at a graduation?

Finally, let me propose a deep thinking question. Who Cares??? Why should anyone, besides the students and faculty of the school in question, honestly care who gives the commencement speech at Notre Dame. It’s  because of the high profile that anyone honestly gives a… darn. If the Fighting Irish had nominated Evan Bayh as their commencement speaker, someone who receives a 100% rating from NARAL, no one would have been surprised, shocked, or offended. I hate to demean my own party (although, while this is not a time for a long discussion on the subject, but I prefer to think of myself as conservative rather than republican) but this is pretty clearly an instance of the Right trying to rag on President Obama for anything and everything they can. It doesn’t make much sense to me that they should make such a big deal out of this issue. Hey, guys, I don’t know if you know this, but he’s a TERRIBLE president. But I guess you’ll keep on focusing on why he shouldn’t be nominated to perform in his strongest form: speaking.