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It’s Been a While

Posted in Uncategorized on December 13, 2009 by republicanrambler

Hello, everyone, and let me wish you a very happy upcoming Christmas season (screw you, secularism!) Still, to whoever may read this that might believe differently, I hope your season and your respective holidays are filled with joy as well.

I am here to update you on something fascinating that was said in one of my college classes. I attend a Liberal Arts University, and as an English and Political Science major, one would assume I, though openly a conservative, would be receiving perhaps the most liberal education possible without traveling to the coasts. That is why I was, and I suspect you will be, shocked with the following statement made by my American National Government professor:

“Mark my words… Sarah Palin will be the first female president of the United States of America…”

Wait, what? Did he just say that?

Of course, as college students tend to be only somewhat informed on their political beliefs, but strong in their social liberalism, Sarah Palin, as the enemy and whipping post of the Democratic party,  received laughs as the subject of this sentence. The professor continued by saying:

“You may laugh, but write it down…”

Well, professor, you just might be on to something. Is it true that Governor Palin has been the Democrats of late? Absolutely. But as I am sure Governor Palin herself would say, “when you whip a pit bull, it bites back.” 

I heard a statistic yesterday that stated that Governor Palin’s popularity is one percent lower than that of President Barack Obama. If this is the case, it bodes very well for the fulfillment of the professor’s prophecy. President Obama still has several years in the spotlight to lose popularity, while Governor Palin has several years out of it in which she might subtly gain popularity.

I can not guarantee that my professor will be correct. I can only speculate that perhaps his doctorate allows him more credibility than most. Only time can tell if he will be right, but as for me, I’ll side with the Hockey Mom.