And Your Winner IS…

Many of you know about a little special election for the U.S. Senate which occurred today. Those of you who do most likely know that what was up for grabs was a Massachusetts senate seat held for most of forty seven years by Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy.

As most of you will know, Kennedy’s don’t lose in Massachusetts (well, mostly. Third party Kennedy’s can, apparently).

I will not speak much of the death of Ted Kennedy, the cause of the vacated seat. What I will say is that, while there were some shady bits of his history, Senator Kennedy served his country for most of his life. I will say nothing bad of him, and may he Rest in Peace.

Now for the good news. Today, with a margin of victory of 52% to 47% (as reported at this point) State Senator Scott Brown (R) has won the special election for the senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy’s death. This election is being called a major upset, and certainly, as it involves a Republican winning statewide in Massachusetts, this is certainly not unfair.

But where does this lead us (and by us, I of course mean the GOP).

This leads the GOP with one more senator, making the Democrat lead seven. This also gives the GOP a new man to fight against the health care bill.

But more importantly, this win gives the GOP a new fire. To see a senator win a seat in Massachusetts of all places gives a strong indication of how the American people feel about their president. This is the Democratic parties warning shot.

Democrats, if it has not become clear yet, let me sum up. We’re coming, we’re ready, and we can win.

Thank you for reading. Good Evening, and have a fantastic week.


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