A Word on a Word

I’ve been wanting to write a little something for a while which was intended to explain my political stance to an extent.

As is made clear by my name, and the tittle of the blog, I consider myself a republican. Today, for the first time in a long time, I can truly say that I am proud to be one.

For several years, especially since I entered college, I would identify myself politically with the sentence, “I am a conservative, but I’m not a big fan of the republican party.” In fact, I only really chose the name Republicanrambler because I had been using the word rambler in my pseudonyms for quite some time and decided that the alliteration would be catchy.

There is certainly a difference between what it is to be a conservative and what it is to be a republican. Conservatives hold a certain set of beliefs that define them. These beliefs do, in fact, tend to line up most closely with the Republican party in America. Still, not all Conservatives are Republican (and many argue that not all Republicans are truly conservative. This is certainly an arguable point, but one I will not get into here).  For a long time I have been somewhat of a closet conservative. This will be true no more.

With the election of Senator Brown from Massachusetts, I see a sea change in the Republican party. It is not unfair to say that the public opinion of both the Obama administration and the Health Care Bill strongly influenced this man’s election, but to rule out party politics completely as a factor is truly slanderous. The fact is that the Republicans elected a Republican to replace TED KENNEDY. Brown had to run a strong campaign to even get serious consideration, much less to win by five percent. The party that won Senator Brown the election is not the same party that ran the Presidential campaign  of  Senator John McCain. It is a fresher, newer party which is eager to overcome the reputation it has built of late. Truly, this ain’t your Grand Old Grand Old Party. It is not long now until the next elections. All I can say is that the Democrats better be ready, because WE republicans are coming.

With that said, good night, and have a fantastic rest of the week.


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