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They Keep Talking, and I Keep Ignoring Them

Posted in Uncategorized on March 31, 2010 by republicanrambler

Let’s face it. There are people in the Republican Party that are dumb. There are A LOT of people in the Republican Party that are dumb. Now this is true of any organization of the size of this party. There are just as many dumb people in the Democratic party, the communist party of China, the protestant church, and the fan base of the New York Yankees. Okay there are more in that last one. But either way, there is one thing which distinctly seperates the Republican Party from these groups, and it leads me to this one question.

How did all the dumb people become the voices of this party?

I mean it, I┬áhave yet to find a Republican Political pundit or talk show host who did not annoy me to my wits end. Their double standards of what is acceptable between the politicians of the two parties, their unwillingness to research facts in the face of a “good story,” their pursuit of rediculous concepts when the obvious flaws of the opposition are right in front of them (please, let’s give fifteen minutes to a story about Obama’s shady birth origins and fifteen seconds to the flaws in his town hall meeting), all of these things annoy me to no end.

I know the arguments I will hear for this. I know people will tell me that the Democrats do the exact same thing. I know people will say that the slanted media stops at nothing to tear apart the credibility of the Republican Party. Here is my response:

You’re right!

So if this is such a big problem for them, then why are you accepting of Republican Pundits who EMULATE THEM IN EVERY WAY! It makes no sense! You wouldn’t say that you can’t eat at burger king because you don’t like fast food and then get a big mac a week later. Think it through.

The flaws in the Republican Party are many. I have made no bones about my distaste for the partisan system as a whole, and the fact that I will never say Republican, but rather “conservative,” when someone asks me my political preference. There are double standards and direct oppositions in the party platform that sicken me (this is, however, a topic for another time). But the one thing that seperates me the very most from this party is the rediculous pundits we follow. You know the names. Beck. O’Reilly. RUSH. I am sure many of you agree with them on many things. But as for me, I’ll get my opinions from myself, and my news from the onion!