A good showing for Akin in MO GOP Senate Debate

90 minutes ago, a Republican debate began for the Missouri Senate seat. An opportunity to run for Claire McCaskill’s senate seat was up for grabs, and there was no real frontrunner to be had.

                Now, anyone who watched the debate and was honest with themselves has a clear front-runner in mind: Todd Akin.

                In the interest of full disclosure, I want to state right now that I am an intern in Mr. Akin’s Congressional office (completely separate from the Senate campaign) and his constituent. That said, I do my absolute best to be as un-biased, and I am completely certain that any of the three candidates (Congressman Todd Akin, MO 2nd, Treasurer Sarah Steelman, and local businessman John Brunner) are a better alternative to Mrs. McCaskill. With that said, Mr. Akin won this debate, and, in my opinion, did so easily.

                The three candidates had similar opinions on many of the issues. They were all openly against Obamacare (or, as Mr. Brunner inventively called it, ObamaClaire, a shot at his potential general election opponent). They all spoke out against Eric Holder’s abuses of his role as Attorney General. They all argued for a change in financial attitudes in the Federal Government. With that said, no candidate did so with as much clarity, honesty, and swiftness as Congressman Akin.

                Let me quickly give each candidate a grade:

                Treasurer Steelman: D: She stammered. She stumbled. She dodged questions. She said nothing original. She had little crowd reaction and little refrain. She was, in this case, an ineffective debater, and as the polling front-runner right now, she could have done significant damage to her campaign, assuming the voters were watching.

                Mr. Brunner: C+/B-: Mr. Brunner did a fantastic job of sticking to his talking points, but they were, after a while, shallow and repetitive. He argues that he will be a “citizen senator,” opposing the insider mentality of the two “career politicians” (never-mind that Steelman spent some of her life as a bureaucrat and educator and Akin spent much of his career as a member of the armed services and an engineer with IBM) he was running against. Still, as Mr. Akin argued, it’s a lot easier to say you’ll vote the right way when you’re not facing it, not denying the request of the President of your own party (as Mr. Akin did several times under President Bush). Still, credit goes to Brunner for sticking to his points and answering questions aptly and swiftly.

                Congressman Akin: A: Congressman Akin was running as “the most conservative member of the Missouri Congressional delegation,” and in this debate, he showed it. He pounded Obamacare, asking “What part of socialism do you like? Answer: none.” He demanded that spending be slashed, and argued that many bureaucracies (though, to his discredit, he did not specifically label any) should be completely abolished. He was anti-big government, pro-religion, and most importantly, he was passionate and smooth.

 I truly believe that this election, not just in this state, but nationwide, will be decided by who promises to oppose the current direction. Especially in Republican primaries, I believe that the establishment will be taken out, and that true Conservatives will be brought in. Spending should be slashed, Obamacare eliminated, and the budget balanced. These steps are of utmost importance to the voters, I believe. And for this reason, I think Congressman Todd Akin was the clear winner of the Missouri GOP Senate Debate.


One Response to “A good showing for Akin in MO GOP Senate Debate”

  1. GOP Freak Says:

    Akin did list which departments he would get rid of: dept of education, energy, and the EPA.

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