Hypocrisy, thy name is… hypocrisy, I guess…

I want to ask liberals a question, so if you’re a conservative, you can tune act now. Actually, if you’ve made it this far, please keep reading, because you’re the only ones reading anyway.

Here’s the question: what tax bracket, exactly, do you think Barack Obama is in?

Here’s the reason I ask: liberals want to make a big deal about how “rich” and “out of touch” Mitt Romney is.

“How can he represent Americans,” they ask. “He can’t possibly associate with the common man, the poor, and the uninsured this election revolves entirely around!”

Now, I’m not here to argue that Mitt Romney isn’t incredibly wealthy. I’m not here to argue that his wealth is actually a positive rather than a negative, though I could, would, and have. I’m not even here to argue that the wealth of the candidates shouldn’t be at issue in the Presidential election. Here’s my only point:

How is Barack Obama different?

Before you start to argue, shut up, the question was rhetorical, and this is my time to talk.

I get that Mitt Romney has a LOT of money… A LOT of money. I also realize that, by comparison, Barack Obama does not have as much money, right? But he still has a LOT off money… right? RIGHT?

Argue all you want, but here’s the simple fact: in every other argument, liberals see the wealthy as those making above $250,000. That’s where the tax bracket cutoffs are supposed to be,  and thus that’s where we are supposed to define the upper class (A.K.A. the WEALTHY).

News flash: Barack Obama made $1.7 million dollars in 2010.

News flash 2: The year before that, in his most successful year, he made $5.5 million!


Now, I know $10 million does not equal Mitt Romney’s wealth. I’m only asking you to look at you own hypocrisy. If $250,000 a year is rich in one context, it’s rich in all contexts. Take of the rose-colored shades, liberals. Sure, Mitt Romney’s rich, but so is President Barack Obama.

Don’t tell me the President’s a man of the people; he’s certainly done nothing for me. 


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