… but Mr. President… have Pity On the Businessman…

Okay, this time, he’s gone too far.

I sighed when he said “It’s not a tax.”

I said “calm down” when he told us to “spread the wealth around.”

These were political statements, sure, and perhaps insights into the President’s less open political views, but these weren’t insidious attacks against the very heart of what this country stood for. I wasn’t about to jump on the bandwagon and say that his comment about spreading the wealth was proof positive of his out of control socialism.

I didn’t dare ask, as I heard one person say: “Where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him.”

These are exactly the kind of needless ad hominem attacks that I’ve called for us to suppress in previous blog posts. Sure, Obama’s words were suspect, but there’s plenty of suspicion to wring out of his record, why should we focus on such small mistakes.

Well, that’s out the window. This one is not a tiny gaffe. This is a statement that spits in the face of everything this country has been built on, and it is an absolute affront to the intelligence of the American businessman. It gives us insight into just how much President Obama thinks that big government is the white knight of American society, and it is perhaps the biggest proof to date that this man must be removed from office.

If you don’t know by now what I’m talking about, I’d like to commend you for managing to get an internet connection in a cave so remote. Furthermore, I’d suggest you get a glass of water. It’s hot out there, even, I imagine, in caves.

Seriously, though, what I’m referring to is this. At a campaign event in Roanoke, VA last Friday, President Obama gave an impassioned speech about American society. His point was to explain that everyone’s lives have been impacted by something the government’s done for us.

I get that. I’m not arguing. I am by no means an anarchist. I recognize the importance of public education and infrastructure. That’s fine.

Where the President crossed the line was where he said these words, now so memorialized by conservative pundits that you can most likely say them with me:  

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Hold the phone. Okay, now hang up the phone, sprint to the polls, and vote for Mitt Romney.

 Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Somebody else built my business (hypothetically in this case, I don’t have one yet)? I’m supposed to believe that because the government graciously paid for my K-12 education and allowed me to drive on their roads that it built my business?

I’m sorry, but this is a fallacy. It’s a fallacy that flies directly in the face of the capitalism on which America’s economy is built.

My father had a business. He and his partners built that.

Mark Zuckerberg has a business. He and his partners built that.

Warren Buffet, the liberals’ great, rich savior, the man who wants his tax bracket to pay more taxes, definitely has a business. And I guarantee you, he built it. He built it during the great depression, in fact. He built it in a time where this great country and its government were struggling just to survive. I wonder what Mr. Buffet would say if he was told that the government built his business. I wonder if he would gladly fall in line with his perfect president, or if he’d have the stones to say what needs to be said:

“Mr. President,” he should say, “I built my company. I built it from the ground up. I built it in the worst economic depression in American history, with absolutely no help from the government. Sure, I had infrastructure, such that it was at that time. Sure, I had public education, though the same story goes there. Still, my advantages were no different from the people in my age bracket that don’t have a business. My advantages were no different from those people whose groceries and health care the government pays for because they haven’t fought hard enough or been given the right opportunities to get where I am in life. I feel sorry for them, sir, I do, but they had the same advantages from the government, and I built I business. I built a business. *I* built a business, sir, and they did not. The government did not. My neighbor did not. Nobody built my business but me, and I’ll proudly stand behind it both as a testament to my personal success and a statement about what makes America great.”

I challenge any business owner to stand up and make this speech. Please, feel free to use exactly my words. I would be honored. This time, the President has gone too far. This time, he’s spit in the face of the American citizen. This time, he’s truly insulted our intelligence. This time he’s proven that it is he, not Mitt Romney, who is truly out of touch with the American people.

And this time… this time he will not, he should not, he must not be elected President of the (Great) United States of America.


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