Tastes Like Chicken

A few weeks ago, the President of Chick-Fil-A made a statement. In that statement, he basically said that he, due to the content of his religion, opposed gay marriage. Admittedly, Dan Cathy, the aforementioned President, used stronger language than most might giving the same opinion; he argued that we “invite God’s judgment” when we support gay marriage. Still, that was the end of Cathy’s statement, and, one would have thought, the end of the issue.

Of course it was not. The statement by Mr. Cathy went viral, and immediately inspired outrage and fury on both sides of the issues. Those for gay marriage were outraged at Cathy’s statement, demanding boycotts of and apologies from Chick-Fil-A. Over time, mayors of both Boston and Chicago stated that they would not welcome Chick-Fil-A into their cities to preach messages of hate. Protests were staged, boycotts were organized, and anger was spewed.

On the other side of the argument, those against gay marriage were outraged by the furor over Cathy’s statements. They argued that the boycotts were themselves messages of hate, and what had started as simply a statement of one person, and arguably one company’s, religious beliefs had somehow become a battle over gay marriage, religious freedoms and first amendment rights.

Now, quickly, let me tell you why you’re all wrong.

I want to clarify, quickly, that I am a strong-believing Christian, but that I also believe that in America, according to the first amendment, the government has no right to keep anyone from marrying. I strongly support the separation of church and state, in fact it’s the only thing that allows us to practice our religions in this great nation, and we cannot be selective about how it is employed.

With that said, let me explain why this argument is ridiculous. The original statement, the sound bite that sparked a thousand pitchforks, was a man’s personal statements about his own beliefs. At times, yes, he used the word “we,” but I believe he was referring to the other higher-ups at Chick-Fil-A. At the very most, he was stating that his company’s official position is to oppose allowing homosexuals to marry…

That’s it…

He didn’t say he hated homosexuals…

He didn’t say he disliked homosexuals…

He certainly didn’t say he discriminated against homosexuals. In fact, this same company which has now been cast as righteously prejudiced and homophobic, discriminates against homosexuals neither in its service or its hiring practices.

Chick-Fil-A is a company, and it’s owner made a statement about how, because of his religion, he opposed gay marriage, and it started a firestorm.

Suddenly, Chick-Fil-A was the Berlin Wall of homophobia, which absolutely had to be destroyed. But let me explain something to you: Cathy’s was not a message of hate, no sir. Just for point of reference…

this is a message of hate…

this is a message of hate…

this is a message of hate, a message, no less, which emanates from the twitter account of the Mayor of San Francisco. And Mayor Lee is far from alone. Across the country, so-called “Progressive” Mayors have bravely stepped forth and spouted angry threats against the unabashed homophobes over at Chick-Fil-A, daring them to open in their cities, and threating to not allow them to do so.

Let me tell you something. In this great nation, founded on principles of freedom and independence, there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing your religious views in simple words, no matter what they are. If I say, “I like bananas,” and Dan Cathy says “I’m opposed to gay marriage,” the statements are of absolutely equal stance in the eyes of the Constitution.

What is distinctly not constitutional is the idea that the mayor of any municipality would consider it their job or their right to ban a business based on its religious beliefs, no matter the circumstance. A few years back, there was uproar about the idea of opening a Muslim community center a few blocks from Ground Zero, and I’ll bet the same mayors considering banning Chick-Fil-A today are the same that would have fought for the rights of the Muslim center then.

The fact of the matter is that whatever your opinion on gay marriage is, and I’ve clarified mine, this has gone absolutely too far. What was once a simple statement of religious belief has become a war over the first amendment, and these men who hold office are unquestionably in violation of the constitution with their statements threatening Chick-Fil-A.

Whatever you’re opinion, I hope you can at least understand that. 


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