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The Palin Proposition

Posted in political endorsement with tags , , on September 3, 2008 by republicanrambler

Sometime before noon on Friday, the 29th of August, I joined a rapidly growing group of Republicans, and a much larger and quicker growing group of Americans when I heard that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was the presumptive nominee for the Vice Presidency of the republican presidential ticket. Though I had heard Palin’s name before, it was mostly through the midnight mumblings of the always entertaining Craig Ferguson and I found myself wondering, like so many others: why her?

 I quickly, through any number of brief radio bios, answered that question for myself. The answer is simple enough: she’s perfect…

 The conservative base of this party has long begrudged one of our most moderate members, John McCain. There’s little doubt that had McCain made the wrong choice here, the party would have shot it down. Palin is the perfect choice for McCain, therefore, because she is the perfect conservative…

lets highlight some things:

  • Palin is the only person in this race who has ANY executive experience, though we will never hear either PARTY say this (it makes McCain seem weak coming from a conservative base).
  • She’s pro-life, the one issue that McCain is consumately conservative on. This is the only time I will ever mention this issue here, unless absolutely necissary, so listen up: The fact that her daughter is pregnant is none of the presses business. The Palin family has problems. Every family does. It was noble of senator Obama to mention his own mothers pregnancy with him in order to silence the rumors. The only reason the press should ever mention this again is if the Palin family had decided on an abortion, which would go against Gov. Palin’s fundamentals. They haven’t, but the press will still talk.
  • Palin is not only pro- 2nd ammendmant rights, she’s a member of the NRA and a hunter. This not only establishes her as a stronger conservative, but it also should prove wrong any people who doubt putting a woman in office. She IS feminine, but she can take down a moose with a twelve gauge, and you probably can’t.
  • She’s got the perfect story. There are fifty individual movies that can be made out of her life. Wins the state championship with a broken ankle. Becomes mayor of home town. Ms. Alaska candidate. Elected governor out of no where. Keeps family together through times of trouble. Is made the first national female vice presidential candidate. I can go on, but for your sake, I won’t. Palin personifies the American dream, something we should ALL see tonight in her speech.

To sum up, yes governor Palin was a suprise. She was a surprise which not only shocked the country, but destroyed the momentum gained by the DNC convention within 24 hours. Obama didn’t-even-have-a-bump! She’s the perfect conservative, and was clearly the best choice for Senator John McCain. As the presumptive nominees for the republican presidential ticket, these two will make a powerful force, and I think that in the coming two months they will be able to change and make the minds of millions of americans who have been on the fence about the moderate vs. the inexperienced presidential election. I personally cannot wait to hear Gov. Palin speak this evening, and I hope anyone who reads this can tune in tonight with an open mind. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two (or at least learn how to get a moose for your mantel).