My views on the issues

Abortion: My most truly conservative issue. No abortion… period. Partial birth is terrible, and in the case of rape, there are good adoption possibilities out there. Any parent who seriously considers abortion should put it up for adoption. The future pain that could cause the child is boundless. Also, we must improve our foster care system…

Health Care: We should absolutely have a national health care system. Here’s the catch… we can’t. The countries who do have national health care systems (Germany and Canada spring to mind) are both much smaller and much healthier than our country. These countries also have much HIGHER taxes than ours, which of course is an unthinkable proposition to all the Americans who support this health care system. Therefore, unless the democrats want to cough up some money to PAY for this system, or tax the working class they cherish so much, they’d serve ME well not to talk about it anymore.

Voting Age: Either we should raise the driving age and lower the drinking age to 18 like many other countries, or we should raise the voting age to twenty-one. People who are responsible enough to operate a deadly vehicle are also responsible enough to vote, and should be responsible enough to drink. I personally don’t believe that 16 year olds fit any of these catergories, having been and spent time around so many in the past years. Therefore, I think all three standards should be set at age 18.

The 2nd amendment: The right to bear arms is necessary to establish and maintain a democratic society. I do believe this is the purpose of the 2nd amendment. However, that does not mean that guns, or any weapon for that matter, should be as easy to maintain as they are. There needs to be a much stronger system of training and registration, but as I said, this is necessary for our society.

Death Penalty: Not the way it is now. It is hard for me morally to support the death penalty and deny abortion anyway, but the current system is NOT a deterrent. Though many times convicts are freed due to DNA discoveries, there is no deterrent as there use to be when you were hangin’ in the town square the day after sentencing. All Death Row guarantees its visitors now is a possibly extended life off the streets, payed for by the taxpayers, and a pretty damn good meal down the road.

Social security: If it’s going to survive, it must be privatized, or taxes must be raised… plain and simple.

that’s a good start… I’ll be back later…


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